My Essential Travel Reads

I’ve begun to compile a list of must-reads for the weeks, months and years ahead. While I have an affinity for turning an actual page, practicality calls for a compact multifunctional e-reader (read: iPad) that will allow me to navigate between blogs, books, taking photos, and of course, writing.

Here are the essential reads I’ve chosen for our upcoming travel.

Books: A few of these I’ve already read and continue to enjoy or am currently starting. Spoiler alert, Eat, Pray, Love is not included.


An essential blog that covers the wine and sprits industry pretty extensively.

Companion to the above mentioned book, a must-have for anyone looking to explore the work for any extended period of time, in practical and sometimes unconventional ways. Sadly however, I don’t think the blog is kept current, but there’s still a good deal of relevant content.

For the most part I’ve considered Reddit to be a well-monitored forum with little to no tolerance for trolly bullshit. Most of the contributors are knowledgable, witty and I’m always discovering new and interesting information on just about every subject.

Nomadic Matt

I’m sure I will add more to this list as time goes on. Please send me links or recommendations to your favorites!

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