I haven’t written anything in a few weeks, but only because we’ve been occupied on some pretty great road adventures. James was lucky enough to score free tickets to the 2019 Masters Tournament in Augusta, GA, and during his time away I packed Elwynn into the car and we made our way down the coast to Carmel for a couple of nights. This was about four days after she started her steroid and low-booster L-asparaginase chemo “booster” to treat (stave off) the t-cell lymphoma. While Carmel was as lovely as it always is, unfortunately our time there was spent scrambling for the parking lot practically every hour on the hour in response to the incessant and violent diarrhea she was suffering from. We did manage to make it to Carmel beach, a couple of decent dog-friendly restaurants, and even a quick day trip to Big Sur. The weather was gorgeous and Elwynn made many new friends and picked up some admirers along the way.

James returned home and after regrouping and repacking, we hit the road for a fun-filled twelve days down the coast to San Diego and back. We fell in love with Kimpton hotels, an uber dog-friendly chain that gives you a lot of bang for your buck. Nicely appointed with great service, really delicious restaurant on site and well positioned for curious travelers looking to explore the sights. Our trip included another two nights in Carmel at the Lamplighter Inn. One block from the super beautiful Carmel Beach and right in the heart of the village. From there we stayed three nights in Santa Barbara where we toured the Mission and famed State Street, and during a backroads drive, stumbled upon the most ridiculous open houses we’d ever seen. Check it out here. Believe me when I tell you the pictures do it ZERO justice. It’s not too often you find a wood burning fireplace adjacent to your soaking tub in one of the nine bathrooms the home affords, but it makes total sense.

We continued down the coast to San Diego and stayed at each of the Kimpton properties in the Gaslamp district, both really nice and accessible to all the sights. San Diego is awesome and worth a good 3-5 days of sightseeing as the weather is pretty much perfect and there is so much to see and do!

Up the road about 20 minutes, we landed at Torrey Pines Lodge and Golf Club. Stunning rooms and views and probably Elwynn’s favorite place up to this point. Whether or not you golf makes no difference, it’s just a gorgeous property and worth a stop for lunch at the very least.

We took many pictures but I’ve been too busy to catalogue and post. Look for those on my next entry where we dive into the Oregon Coast, Vancouver and everywhere in between.

Until next time…

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