Yesterday's post was an emotional one, and I would be lying if I said it wasn't fueled by a little bit of wine. A huge part of what drove my decision to shift my career into the wine business is how many layers of complexity can be found in a single glass that continue to… Continue reading Primitivo

Love will tear us apart, again. When routine bites hardAnd ambitions are lowAnd resentment rides highBut emotions won't growAnd we're changing our waysTaking different roadsLove, love will tear us apart againLove, love will tear us apart againWhy is the bedroom so cold?Turned away on your sideIs my timing that flawed?Our respect run so dry?Yet there's still this appealThat we've kept… Continue reading Love will tear us apart, again.

My Essential Travel Reads

I've begun to compile a list of must-reads for the weeks, months and years ahead. While I have an affinity for turning an actual page, practicality calls for a compact multifunctional e-reader (read: iPad) that will allow me to navigate between blogs, books, taking photos, and of course, writing. Here are the essential reads I've… Continue reading My Essential Travel Reads